Make a Large Sum of Money in Silence

There is a proverb in China goes that “make a large sum of money in silence”. Capital is vital, nonetheless, whether having enough capital and how to raise it are things that have nothing to do with others. Not making trouble for others, understanding feelings of others and mutual respect are three basic principles which can be showcases of one’s etiquette and qualities. A venerable elder had quoted that proverb in an important occasion. A nosy person would be wearisome and an inquisitive person may end up in prison. Conversely, it is the person who is unassuming and genteel and who only cares about his own business that would make a large sum of money. I’m angry! It’s none of your business! It’s better to confront your own problems that you always sidestep firstly. You are cheating yourself! Naive! You need to be responsible for your misrepresentation. @Someone

「もうひとりのまる子」の巻 Matlab多元线性方程组求解


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